This year the Izzy Award was shared by Editors of Earth Island Journal that in its groundbreaking Autumn 2018 issue highlighted the connections between environmental degradation, women and indigenous peoples.The international magazine of the Berkeley, California-based nonprofit Earth Island Institute merges deep investigative journalism with inspirational narrative and art to draw connections between the environment and other current issues.

Laura Flanders was honored for her regular production of forward-looking media that investigate policies that drive racism, sexism, and economic exclusion. In 2018 Flanders and her hard-working team, whom she is quick to credit, aired special video reports on community wealth building and the rise of the Labour Party in the U.K. Flanders is the host and executive producer of an eponymous syndicated television show, for which she is being honored tonight, as well as the author of six acclaimed books on U.S. politics and culture.

Dave Lindorff, a longtime investigative reporter, was recognized for his story during 2018 that uncovered the opaqueness of Pentagon accounts and funding requests to Congress resulting in bloated military budgets. His detailed report for The Nation was cited by politicians and academics in 2018, and provides a solid basis for public debate around the issue.

Finally, Aaron Mate, regular contributor to The Nation, was honored for exposing the hollowness and hyperbole surrounding the Russia election-collusion story. The Brooklyn, New York-based Maté was formerly a host/producer
for The Real News Network and reporter/producer for Democracy Now! He is currently a contributor at The Grayzone.