Sampling of Intern Work at Indy Outlets

Summer 2019


  • PCIM Intern Tara Eng ’20 (Doc Studies & Production) worked on impact projects with Working Films
    At the nonprofit Working Films in Wilmington, NC, Eng worked on numerous impact projects. The picture below shows a new solar powered projector from an organization in South Africa called Sunshine Cinema. She used the kit to tour documentary films in the Tennessee Valley, where people face a range of climate challenges due to dirty energy, high electric bills, and coal ash pollution. The solar tour brought together community stakeholders to spark conversations about renewable energy and inspire grassroots activists to envision alternative energy solutions for the future!


  • PCIM Intern Abby Haley ’20 (Doc Studies & Production) interned at The Barnes Foundation
    The Barnes Foundation is an educational institution dedicated to promoting an appreciation of fine art and horticulture and Abby (below) was part of their arts outreach program.


  • PCIM Intern Vaughn Golden ‘20 (Economics and Journalism) reported in D.C. at the Center for Responsive Politics
    Vaughn reported on many stories for their website, ranging from Huawei to presidential candidate Tom Steyer. One of his reports , which focused on Democratic and Republican spending on parties in the D.C. area, was picked up by CNBC.

  • PCIM Intern Jackie Marusiak ‘21 (Doc Studies & Production) interned at WRFI
    Jackie mixed the second episode of The Loneliness Project, an audio production of WRFI Community Radio and the Park Scholars Program we see a breakdown of the role of social media in loneliness.


  • PCIM Intern Becky Mehorter ‘20 (Journalism and Spanish) interned at The Ithaca Voice
    Becky gained experience working at local digital news, The Ithaca Voice site reporting several stories.