Sampling of Intern Work at Indy Outlets

Summer 2022

Devon Jezek (’25) is a Documentary Studies & Journalism major who interned at WRFI Community Radio, where she posted multiple newscasts on the WRFI website and Spotify regarding local and state news. Her other tasks included writing and recording PSAs, interviewing radio hosts and local Ithacans, filming, editing, working on social media projects, and much more.




Evan Miller (’24) is a Journalism major who interned with Juno Films. He wrote press releases for the film distributor and worked on a social media campaign for one of their upcoming films.





George Chistopher (’23) is a journalism major who spent the summer interning at the New Jersey Globe. During this time, he had the opportunity to travel to and cover the New Jersey legislature. He also covered events with prominent New Jersey political figures including Governor Phil Murphy and Senator Bob Menendez.



Summer 2021

James Baratta (’22) is a Journalism major and Sociology minor who interned at FAIR. Over the course of his internship, James made several noteworthy accomplishments. James also published two articles on FAIR’s website, writing on the billionaire space race and the New York Times’ failure to cover the Chevron-funded persecution of Steven Donziger.



Michael Memis (’22), a Sports Media major, interned with WRFI News. Michael both performed newscasts and wrote stories for the outlet on topics such as Seneca Lake shipwreck searches, tourism in Tompkins County, the Hangar Theatre’s return to live performances, and many other stories mainly pertaining to the Ithaca area.


Desiree Holz (’23) is a Journalism major who spent the summer interning with The Ithaca Voice. Over the course of her internship, Desiree gained more than 10 bylines covering the labor shortage, new city planning developments, and other stories affecting the Ithaca area.






Summer 2020

Madison Fernandez ’21 (Journalism) has been working with The Ithaca Voice, where she’s been pitching and writing lots of stories—around 40 her first month. Her favorites covered the new Odyssey Bookstore, where she conducted her first socially-distanced in-person interview, and the creation of a digital archive for Ithaca House, a historical local poetry press. Madison has enjoyed learning so much more about Ithaca through reporting over the summer.


Lauren Leone ’22 (Journalism and Politics) produced news content about the Black Lives Matter movement and the local impacts of COVID-19 for National Public Radio member station WBFO in Buffalo, New York.



Selin Tuter (Journalism and Politics) says her time at The Ithaca Voice “has truly been wonderful. In addition to improving pre-existing skills such as interviewing, I picked up new ones such as covering town halls.”




Summer 2019

Tara Eng ’20 (Doc Studies & Production) worked on impact projects with Working Films At the nonprofit Working Films in Wilmington, NC, Eng worked on numerous impact projects. The picture below shows a new solar powered projector from an organization in South Africa called Sunshine Cinema. She used the kit to tour documentary films in the Tennessee Valley, where people face a range of climate challenges due to dirty energy, high electric bills, and coal ash pollution. The solar tour brought together community stakeholders to spark conversations about renewable energy and inspire grassroots activists to envision alternative energy solutions for the future!




Abby Haley ’20 (Doc Studies & Production) interned at The Barnes Foundation The Barnes Foundation is an educational institution dedicated to promoting an appreciation of fine art and horticulture and Abby (below) was part of their arts outreach program.




Vaughn Golden ‘20 (Economics and Journalism) reported in D.C. at the Center for Responsive Politics Vaughn reported on many stories for their website, ranging from Huawei to presidential candidate Tom Steyer. One of his reports , which focused on Democratic and Republican spending on parties in the D.C. area, was picked up by CNBC.


Anna Lamb ’19 (Journalism) interned at WRFI Anna edited WRFI’s radio story on sexual violence. WRFI’s Laura Rosbrow-Telem (below) spoke with the organizers of the event, DJ Ben Ortiz (also known as DJ ha-MEEN) from the Ithaca DJ Festival and Naomi Barry from the Advocacy Center. In this interview, the organizers talk about “the not so obvious ways people can act as bystanders in potential incidents of sexual violence.”