The Ghion Journal

How am I a person of color, as I’m a deviation from the norm, when science has affirmed that mankind was conceived in “Africa”. I am colored compared to whom given that the first humans were actually my complexion? What makes me a “minority”, as if I’m somehow segregated from the rest of humanity? Why am I labeled “black”, as if I’m invisible and have no light in me at all? Why do we accept these insidious labels without questioning them and realizing the underhanded intentions of the nefarious souls who imposed these brands upon us?

Here is an indisputable fact: race was invented by racists. Black, white, yellow, red; these terms are nothing more than brands—the same way ranchers brand cattle—meant to ghettoize humanity in order to keep us perpetually divided. Race is a malicious way of dehumanizing us and conditioning us to see each other as objects instead of fellow human beings—the full scope of our lives distilled into colors as if we are crayons.

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