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It’s The Real News Network and I’m Greg Wilpert in Baltimore. A scandal is brewing within the ranks of Venezuela’s opposition. This week, the online publication PanAm Post, which is usually quite opposed to Venezuela’s President Maduro, published an expose of corruption allegations within the ranks of opposition leader and self-declared President, Juan Guaido. According to the report, over $100,000 that were raised for humanitarian aid for Venezuela have been embezzled by Guaido’s associates. One of the main humanitarian aid fundraisers from which money was apparently embezzled was a large February 22nd concert organized by Virgin CEO Richard Branson on the Colombian border near the town of Cucuta.

Joining me now to discuss this scandal is Dan Cohen. Dan is an independent journalist and filmmaker who has reported extensively from Israel-Palestine, Latin America, and the US-Mexico border. He recently wrote an in-depth article about the scandal for the news site The Grayzone titled, From Coup Leaders to Con Artists: Juan Guaido’s Gang Exposed for Massive Humanitarian Aid Fraud. Thanks for joining us today, Dan.

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