Nowadays, corporate media would have you believe they are appalled by Donald Trump: He’s a liar and a cheat who distorted our democracy and was rotten to the press. I mean, they had to cover him because he was president, but they held their nose the whole time, and now they can’t wait to get back to serious reporting on policy.

The only trouble is, if you have a memory longer than a minute, you’ll recall that CBS head Les Moonves (Extra!4/16) declared flatly that the ad money and ratings Trump brought the network mattered much more than any harm giving him a platform might incur. “It’s a terrible thing to say. But bring it on, Donald. Keep going.” Or maybe you remember the time that CNNFox and MSNBC (FAIR.org3/16/16) all aired an empty podium where Trump was scheduled to speak instead of Bernie Sanders actually speaking.

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