The Ghion Journal

Americans are being manipulated by a campaign to make us consent to what’s effectively a paradigm of constant war with China. It’s not a clearcut case of preparing the public for a direct military invasion against the targeted country, as was the case with the Iraq WMD hoax. It’s the same situation to that of the U.S. empire’s recent campaign against Russia: a series of media demonizations against the disfavored country, which manufacture support for economic warfare and military buildup.

It’s also part of the real motive behind the anti-Russian propaganda effort. In order to maintain its hegemony in an increasingly multipolar world, the United States needs to work to undermine both China and its allies. We’re witnessing a vast series of hostilities that the U.S. is directing against world powers to which it was formerly ambivalent, with the potential consequence being an eventual outbreak of world war.

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