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JACQUELINE LUQMAN: This is Jacqueline Luqman with The Real News Network in Baltimore.

Since the massive protests at Standing Rock to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the fossil fuel industry has been quietly pressuring state legislatures to pass laws to stop protests against pipeline construction across the country. As of 2018, 35 states have considered 99 bills criminalizing pipeline protests. As politicians do the bidding of the powerful fossil fuel industry, what impact will these laws have on our delicate environment, our right to protest, and on native and other vulnerable and oppressed communities in particular?

Joining me to discuss these issues from Texas is Rosie Torres. Rosie is the Secretary of the Society of Native Nations, an organization of native people in Texas who are dedicated to advocating for native people and for the earth by helping to protect and preserve Native culture, spirituality, teachings, medicine, and way of life. Rosie, thank you for joining me today.

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