Matt Taibbi, February 2009

MATT TAIBBI is as hilarious a speaker as he is a writer. Speaking to a large crowd in Emerson on “Independent Journalism Amidst Conformist Media,” Rolling Stone‘s politics writer detailed his career as a journalistic rule-breaker – while editing the eXile in Russia or covering U.S. politics. Taibbi urged students to find their own voice and challenge journalistic conventions.

Having met with Park students much of the day, he began his remarks: “For me, it’s both sad and inspiring thing to see some of these bright, idealistic young people who want to go into the business of journalism. It’s inspiring because you all seem so committed to wanting to tell the truth, and tell important stories. And it’s sad because you’re about to enter a business that is sometimes only tangentially about telling the truth.” Taibbi won the 2008 National Magazine Award for commentary.