Each year, the Park Center for Independent Media sponsors students to work with independent media outlets and immerse themselves in non-corporate media production and distribution systems. Through the center’s internship program, students get the opportunity to receive valuable hands-on experience at some of the leading independent media organizations and advocacy nonprofits in the nation.

This summer, PCIM is sponsoring eight brilliant, young journalists. Jay Bradley (’22) is a Journalism major interning with Institute for Public Accuracy. James Baratta (’22) is a Journalism major and Sociology minor interning at FAIR. Desiree Holz (’23) and Mikayla Rovenolt (’22) are two Journalism majors who are both interning at the Ithaca Voice.

Mikayla said that working with the Ithaca Voice has “solidified [their] love for reporting”.

Alexander Hartzog (‘21), a Journalism major with minors in Linguistics and Education Studies, is interning at System Change Not Climate Change. Halima Osman (24’) is a Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media major interning at The Laura Flanders Show.

Christian Maitre (’22) a Journalism major working with Status Coup, said that within a few weeks of starting his internship he had “written multiple articles across a wide range topics.”

Additionally, Michael Memis (’22), a Sports Media major with a minor in Web Programming, is interning at WRFI News.

“I have learned new ways to present news and strategies of telling a story,” says Memis, “I feel like I am becoming a better journalist and have a greater sense of what is important to the community.”