Izzy Award 2014

The sixth annual Izzy Award was presented April 28, 2014, to independent journalists JOHN CARLOS FREY (for reporting on U.S./Mexico border deaths) and NICK TURSE (for reporting on civilian casualties of U.S. wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan). And the first members of the newly-established I.F. Stone Hall of Fame were inducted: GLENN GREENWALD and JEREMY SCAHILL. All four honorees spoke powerfully (Greenwald via video) at the ceremony, which was held at Park Hall Auditorium.

Also speaking at the event were Izzy Stone’s elder son, Jeremy Stone, and biographer Myra MacPherson (All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone).

Greenwald had received the first annual Izzy Award (along with Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman) in 2009; Scahill had received the second Izzy in 2010.