The Park Center for Independent Media and the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival invites you to a book launch and discussion with Claire Gleitman on her new book, “Anxious Masculinity in the Drama of Arthur Miller and Beyond: Salesmen, Sluggers, and Big Daddies.”

Join us on Wednesday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m.

Watch the full recording here.

Gleitman will be in conversation with scholar Susan C. W. Abbotson of Rhode Island College on the book, playwright Arthur Miller, and contemporary drama. Introducing the book will be Chris Holmes, associate professor and chair in the Department of Literatures in English at Ithaca College.


Claire Gleitman is the Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College. Prior to becoming Dean, she was a faculty member in the Department of Literatures in English for 28 years, specializing in dramatic literature. Her scholarship focuses primarily on modern American and world drama, with a particular emphasis on issues of gender and sexuality.  She is most recently the author of the book Anxious Masculinity in the Drama of Arthur Miller and Beyond: Salesmen, Sluggers, and Big Daddies (Methuen Drama/Bloomsbury Press, 2022). Her forthcoming critical edition of Arthur Miller’s play, All My Sons, will be published in 2023, also by Bloomsbury.  She was the recipient of a Faculty Excellence Award in 2017 and an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2007, both granted by the Center for Faculty Excellence at Ithaca College, and she is the founding director of On the Verge, Ithaca College’s readers’ theatre group.


Susan C. W. Abbotson is Professor of English at Rhode Island College, where she mostly teaches drama. She is the author of A Critical Companion to Arthur Miller (Facts on File, 2007) and Student Companion to Arthur Miller (Greenwood 2000), and numerous articles on Arthur Miller and other modern and contemporary playwrights in a variety of books and journals. Past President of the Arthur Miller Society, she now manages their website and Facebook page, and is the Performance Editor for the Arthur Miller Journal. She also authored Thematic Guide to Modern Drama (Greenwood 2003), Masterpieces of Twentieth Century American Drama (Greenwood, 2005), Modern American Drama: Playwriting in the 1950s (Methuen 2018), and has just completed editing a twelve-volume series of student editions of Miller’s plays for Bloomsbury/Methuen that are being published this year.