March 3, 2023

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Upcoming Events

Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Hosts Screenings, Talkbacks, Book Launches

Celebrating its 26th year, the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) will host a variety of events including concerts, film screenings, speakers, and panel discussions. The annual festival is collaborating with the Park Center for Independent Media for several events and runs from March 20 through the first week of April.

Catch a roundtable on artificial intelligence on March 30, and on March 31, attend a masterclass with investigative journalist Greg Palast, whose film “Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman” tackled GOP initiatives to stifle voting rights in Georgia.

Join more from the FLEFF-PCIM calendar here.

The Edge

Picture the Book: A Photo Essay of a Memoir

In the days following my mother’s death, words jiggled on the page. They bounced up and down, keeping sentences out of reach. Had it been otherwise, I might have turned to the years of correspondence between my parents that I’d inherited. Instead, I opened my mother’s childhood photo album. The old black and white images didn’t bounce.

In memoir, time can be difficult to apprehend. In mine, I strive for time to be fluid, to inhabit the page the way memories inhabit us. The flickering flashlight of the present illuminates the past that was once the future. 

Read Sorayya Khan’s photo essay accompanying her new memoir, “We Take Our Cities with Us.”

Hear Khan talk on writing the book on April 6 as part of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

Unwound Live: DIY Post-Punk Pioneers Return to the Stage after Two Decades

Unwound, a noisy ’90s cult band, sits somewhere between indie, angular post-punk, noise, and hardcore music.

Massively influential in underground music, they hail from the pine-scented landscapes of Tumwater, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Currently on the road, they are playing their first live shows in over 20 years. 

On February 4, David Gracon experienced them in concert at The Showbox in Seattle, Washington. For Gracon, seeing one of the greatest DIY acts in the history of the American Pacific Northwest vividly underscored the importance of making your own independent cultural spaces and art with integrity, freedom, control, and others.

Read Gracon’s review of the show on The Edge.

Stirring the Ashes of the Burned-Over District

I had not known until much later that South Butler was an electrically charged particle of socially progressive thinking and action in the years leading up to the Civil War.

Once I learned that Samuel Ringgold Ward and Antoinette Brown Blackwell and Gerrit Smith and so many other activists for social change of the era made a point of stopping in South Butler during just the years that my ancestors were leading their complicated private lives, well, I got to wondering.

David N. DeVries journeys into the stories of his ancestors from western New York, in the so-called “Burned-Over District.”

Read DeVries’ historical account on The Edge.

Dear Joe, What about Us?

I keep wondering: what about us, Joe? Us women, Black, Brown, LatinX, Native American, South Asian, Chinese, non-binary, transgender, every single one of us, rich and poor and middle class who might need an abortion?

Reproductive rights expand into all parts of our lives. Without a right to decide and choose and have access we are not full participants nor is this a democracy.

I have lived through decades of fabulous struggle and camaraderie among women of every kind and sort, standing together, fighting for a fairer and kinder world. You need to see all of us.

Zillah Eisenstein’s birthday response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union address grapples with abortion, incarceration, and solidarity after the President’s speech eschewed these topics.

Read Eisenstein’s response on The Edge.

In Other News

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