The Ghion Journal


So if we look at one of your recent pieces, Bernie, Fox and Transition, you talked about a potential Bernie Sanders presidency being an achievable electoral next step that could provide some breathing room for a potential transformation away from capitalism. And the thing that occurred to me was that, despite his newfound front-runner status, his popularity, and the increasing numbers of his active supporters, Bernie is still the weaker one when compared to the institutional power of the Democratic Party and other more deeply embedded powers within the economy and the government.

They’re interested in making sure he doesn’t cross the finish line. They used their power to ensure he didn’t get the nomination in 2016 and he, unfortunately, lay down for it. What I’m curious about is the question of what kind of tactical agility you envision being necessary for the Sanders campaign to make it through all the roadblocks they’re currently putting (and going to put) in front of him and his supporters in 2020?

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