The Intercept

AROUND 2,300 NURSES at the University of Chicago Medical Center are preparing to go on strike Friday, citing issues over short-staffing, unsafe working conditions, and forced overtime. The Medical Center, which is affiliated with a university that has a multibillion-dollar endowment, and which recently undertook an expansion proposed at $269 million, is refusing to negotiate a contract with the nurses, who are represented by National Nurses United.

On September 13, a post on an official-looking site called, which represents the interests of the administration, tried to undermine the union and the strike, and calling a trip by union leaders out of town “shameless behavior.” Later that day, after facing criticism, the Medical Center circulated a communication strategy including a “change in tone” in messaging with union members and talking points that suggest focusing on how the impending one-day strike is already affecting patients. There are three bullet points listed: “Transfer of critically ill infants,” “Drastically decreased access to care for the South Side of Chicago,” and “Cancelling of surgeries and procedures.”

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