When people think about the Olympics, what usually follows are thoughts of pomp and circumstance, medals and athletic prowess. What tends not to enter the conversation is how a country is able to, or in many cases is not, afford hosting this worldwide event. As the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo draws ever closer, the Nationlooks into the difficulties faced by Japan in trying to afford an event of this magnitude.  

2020 Tokyo Olympics

Many hear mention of the Israel-Palestine conflict and immediately tune out, hoping the conversation will move on to something less decisive and complicated. For those Palestinians living in the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem, it’s something they can’t move on from. One of the ways the life of a Palestinian has been complicated by the Israeli government, as the Middle East Eye reports, is making the process of applying for passports and registering deaths an even more complicated bureaucratic process.  


The rights of workers have a tendency to not be taken into consideration when companies are running their business, despite efforts by some states to remedy that issue. One of those states, California, is trying to pass a bill to expand workers rights but, as the Intercept reports, is facing opposition from both Silicon Valley and ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. 

Accusations abound as to who is in the right or wrong when it comes to ideological battles in the Democratic party, with media outlets helping to add fuel to the fire. While Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been labeled as far-left, there seems to less interest, as FAIR reports, for the media to say where on ideological spectrum are Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.   

Wall Street Journal depiction of Joe Biden

With each passing day that the US does not work towards de-escalating war with Iran, the chance the two countries will engage in armed conflict grows ever closer. What doesn’t help the situation, as Truthdig reports, is a constant insistence by larger news outlets that a war with Iran is inevitable or that it is hard to tell who is to blame for these recent escalations. 

How Corporate Media Are Fueling a New Iran Nuclear Crisis

As the press cycle pushes all past issues aside, the people of Puerto Rico have to keep living with their own government and the impact of Hurricane Maria. Equally important to them is how, as Democracy Now! reports, their governor Ricardo Rosselló has had thousands of his private misogynistic and homophobic messages exposed by the Center for Investigative Journalism, which has led the people to protest for days in a row, seeking Rosselló’s retirement. 

With several of the front-runners for the Democratic primary beginning to take shape, the types of attacks against them have also taken shape. Against Sanders, some of the attacks have focused on his support of socialism and the comparison to Venezuela. But, as Counterpunch reports, these arguments don’t address any of the substance of Sander’s views and exist only to discredit him outright rather than try to argue against any of his somewhat popular positions. 

The death of black men by police is nothing new, but with ubiquitous cellphone access, the evidence of police brutality is clearer than ever. In this vein, and with the recent decision not to prosecute one of the officers involved with Eric Garners death, the Real News Network looks at the facts surrounding Garners case and why this outcome shouldn’t comes as a surprise. 


Donald Trump often likes to point to the press as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people,” done mostly to rile up his base and provide cover for anything he has done wrong. While this accusation tends to be incorrect, the way the press reports on foreign conflicts, especially in South America isn’t as honest. This is what the Grayzone examines, specifically how the press have, in this case in Nicaragua, been propagating false stories to promote the countries opposition party. 


Charles Blow with this weeks Tweet of the Week:

Figuring out who to vote for in an election is sometimes difficult. Some times, it is easy enough to fall back on whichever party supports your views the most. Other times, as the Ghion Journal points out, the choice is made before you’ve tried to vote, as they make the case for why both the parties are the same, every politician is more corrupt than the last, and overthrowing the system is the only way forward. 

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