As the buildup to the Democratic primary continues chugging along, many Democratic candidates are trying to find ways to reach out to Trump voters and win them to the Democrats, and the candidates, side. This is part of the reason why Bernie Sanders went on Fox News to showcase what the party has to offer, and he was met with some modicum of success. The problem comes, as the Nation points out, when you realize that the people who watch Fox News aren’t going to be people are swayed by Democrats after a town hall or two. 

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The relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia is one that gets merits little discussion in more mainstream news outlets, and the repressive and oppressive regime that exists there gets even less coverage. That’s why it’s important to listen to the few non-government voices that speak out against the Saudi government, as the Middle East Eye did with scholar Abdullah Alaoudh, who was arrested in 2017 for ‘dissent’ against the Saudi government. 

There are many ways that police in America get things wrong. From killing unarmed black men to the military focused task forces they use against citizens. One startling that they can harm the public, is through who they arrest and why, specifically as it pertains to gang raids. As the Intercept reports, the largest gang raid in NYC three years ago swept up many with no criminal record or evidence of crimes they were accused of. 

Continuing the injustice committed by police against members of minority communities, is the response by the FBI to those who want some form of justice against law enforcement, when the justice system fails to hold them accountable. AtFAIR, they transcribe an interview from Counterspin, where they spoke with a member of the ACLU about a classification made by the FBI for those angry with the lack of convictions for police officers, dubbed ‘Black Identity Extremists’

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The continued inaction on climate change by countries around the world has led protesters to try everything they can to get their message heard and to produce actual action. In Britain, there were the Extinction Protests, which aimed to be disruptive to get their message across, in addition to a speech in Parliament by young activist Greta Thunberg. As truthdig reports, these activists are tired of nothing getting done and the reply they get is a hollow promise from politicians. 


It’s not often that those in the military face consequences for their actions, but that might end up happening after the war crimes committed by a NAVY Seal platoon chief were revealed by his subordinates. A recent piece by the New York Timesexplains what went down, and the author of that article also sat down for an interview with Democracy Now!, where they discuss how the story came about. 

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The Vietnam War conjures up many horrible images for Americans, and sometimes we confront what we’ve done, and other times we sidestep our faults and fall back on blind patriotism. This can be seen to some extent in a class project students in Texas were assigned, as CounterPunch reports. The each students looked into the history of a Vietnam veteran and created a video on what happened to them, with some of the complexity of the war being lost in the process.    

The various wars and conflicts that rage in the Middle East all have their cause and support from somewhere, and the crimes being committed in the war in Yemen are linked to arms supplied by France, the UK and the US. This is according to documents recently released by a French investigative reporting agency and translated by the Intercept, are discussed in detail by the Real News Network, and the implications they have.   

While the effects of climate change are being felt across the world, one place that should come as little surprise, is in the melting of the Arctic. This in turn has already begun to impact how Russia is attempting to monopolize the Northern Sea Route for trade. What this means for the region and the changes this may bring to international trade are discussed in the National Interest.  


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With the daily news cycle being as fast paced as it is, it’s easy to forget that only two weeks ago, Julian Assange was arrested for various crimes he has committed. But caught up in that never ending torrent of news is what exactly he would be arrested for. As the Ghion Journal points out, many of the crimes he is being accused of by both the media and the US government are ones with little real evidence. 

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