While the most modern forms of international intrigue we hear about comes from fears that Trump is a Russian puppet, a tale of real espionage has been going on. Dealing with the North Korean embassy in Spain, the Nation reports of an case involving Korean exiles breaking into North Korea’s embassy in Madrid and layers of secrecy surrounding the affair, along with the Justice Departments quest to track down the leader of the “Free Joseon.”

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In the US, Venezuela is the country attracting all the attention for the unstable government running the country, but across the world in Sudan, a similar situation is playing out, albeit with its own twists and turns. As the Middle East Eye reports, the military council that currently runs the country is upset by the constant protests by civilians, demanding that the country be ruled by the people and by the military, who recently ousted the country’s 30-year ruler, Omar al-Bashir.

In a rare case, an on-duty police officer in Minnesota was convicted of killing an unarmed civilian. The catch? The police officer was a black man who claimed self-defense, and the victim was a white women. The conviction was seen by some as a step towards police accountability, but as the Intercept reports, it shows more of the racial divide that exists in America, where white people get special treatment over minority groups. 
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - APRIL 30: Ryan Masterson and his wife Jenelle Masterson, right, hugged Sarah Kuhnen after former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor was found guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minneapolis, Minn., on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. They are all neighbors and friends of Justine and members of Justice for Justine. (Photo by Renee Jones Schneider/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

The situation in Venezuela continues to be one where it seems everyone but the people of the country get to decide what happens to them. In another example of how the US media tries to push a narrative about other countries, FAIR documents how various outlets like CNN and Washington Post are pushing the story of what is technically a coup, but isn’t being called that by mainstream news outlets, and instead get called things like “opposition-led military-backed challenge.”

AP Photo of a coup supporter in front of a burning bus(photo: Fernando Llano)

Speaking of interference by those in the US in other countries, history seems to be showing signs of repeating itself, with a ‘new Arab Spring’ happening in Algeria and Sudan, where revolutions going on there may lead to democracy taking over, or as some in the US hope for. But regardless of what ends up happening in those countries, it’s important to note, as truthdig does, that the US should stay away from intervening in those countries politics, as America has done time and time again. 


Climate change is going to be an issue that threatens the world until world governments get together to try and fix the issue, and it seems like those in the UK are trying tentative steps towards addressing the issue with a recent vote in Parliament declaring a climate emergency. At Democracy Now! they interview British journalist George Monbiot and his take on the recent Extinction Rebellion and how intertwined capitalism is with the climate crisis we’re facing. 

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As news of Julian Assange fades from the headlines, and even farther back that of murdered journalist Khashoggi becomes completely forgotten and any contribution they made to the medium not remembered, it becomes apparent that the influence these two had is somewhat disproportionate. At CounterPunch they discuss the impact these two had and how one produced a greater global impact for what happened to the other and how the worlds media outlet reported on the two.   

News moves fast around the world, and in the US the attacks against representative Omar are something that get lost among the constant deluge of stories that come across the wire. This is why it’s important for the Real News Network to cover the attempts by black people to try and support Omar in the attacks she receives from Republicans and the lack of continued support for Omar by Democrats. 

There are many ways Trump has approached geopolitical challenges without the best strategy in mind. This is why the National Interest looks at what Trump is trying accomplish in Iran, and how his way of addressing the situation goes about things in the wrong way, like with what was done in regards to terminating the Iran deal, and what even caused the situation in first place. 


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As more articles get written about what’s going to happen in the upcoming Democratic primary and polls keep getting discussed on the news, it’s worth noting where all of this going. Only one candidate will become the eventual Democratic nominee, and there’s little incentive for the Democrats to definitely have a progress candidate, something the Ghion Journal tries hard to point out. 

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