While the Democratic primary is still a year away, that has not stopped candidates from campaigning, nor has it stopped those candidates from being attacked either. In one such instance, Bernie Sanders was chastised by the Center for American Progress for the money he made on book sales, and as the Nation reports, this showcases what many have feared, Democrats eating their own.

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As Americans continue to mull over the Mueller report, election meddling in other countries continues unabated. In Egypt, as a proposed amendment extended the current presidents term inches closer to approval, members of the police are intimidating store owners to advertise support of the amendment, as the Middle East Eye reports.

The connections between Trump and Russia may be tenuous at best, but that does not eliminate the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller and what steps could be taken next. As the Intercept reports, the redacted report gives details on how Congress should proceed, and that it might be their duty to push forward with some form of impeachment hearings, as the report outlines many possible lines of approach. 
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 17: A view of the White House on Wednesday evening, April 17, 2019 in Washington, DC. The results of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller will be made public on Thursday in a nearly 400-page report. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

There are many things that can be said of Julian Assange, and what mainstream media has said about his arrest may not be the most authentic of judgement. While many see what Assange did as supporting freedom of the press, there are many more who see his work as the opposite, and many voice these opinions in larger news outlets, as FAIR reports. 

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The situation in Palestine continues to become increasingly dire for those being forced to live there, and the actions of Israel and the US are not helping the situation, as Netanyahu continues to lead Israel in an increasingly right wing direction. In an attempt to elucidate the poor conditions of those living in Palestine face, truthdig showcases an episode of the Scheer report on the situation of Palestinians.  


With the a redacted Mueller report released to the public, it should come as not surprise that many in the media are looking to analyze the report and see if they can find evidence of Russian collusion. While that is going on in the mainstream media, at Democracy Now!, they are taking the time to speak with Noam Chomsky about how obsessed Democrats and the media have become with Russia and how it may cost them next election.  

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Every day it seems that Trump does something more outlandish than the last, one upping himself in new ways that make everyone who isn’t Republican gawk at how people could still support the president. But in these situations, it’s worth noting how we came to forget about many of the things Trump has done, simply because of all the other things Trump has done, and how CounterPunch describes the difficulty in doing anything about it. 
Cut Military Aid, Not Humanitarian Aid, to Reduce Refugee Numbers
The discussion we have over immigration tends to focus on how it directly affects the US at our southern border, but what is equally important is how those people get there in the first place and what drives them to come north. This is where the Real News Network comes in to talk about how devastating it is for those living in South American countries who had humanitarian aid cut off by president Trump. 

The release of the redacted Mueller report has ripple effects all across American politics, and the implications it may have for Trump are yet to be seen. While impeachment may not be on the table, the report certainly showcases how low the bar has gone for a sitting president, and the National Interest discusses what this means for Trump and his attempt to get re-elected in 2020. 


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As the efforts to repair the damage to the Notre Dame are getting underway, the tragedies across the world that few pay as much attention to or put as much financial support behind. This is what the Ghion Journal tries to highlight in their piece on how, while the damage done to the Notre Dame is tragic, this building burning does not compare to similar horrors that happen all to often to people with much less notoriety. 

=Capitol Hill as seen after the release of Mueller's report on April 18, 2019

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