Labor strikes tend be to a contentious issue with any country, where you have the rights of workers to fair working conditions on one side, and the need to keep a business afloat and profitable on the other. In Britain, they have had many strikes in their history, but Rebel remembers one of the biggest, the miners strike from 1984-85.

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Elections in the US often receive international coverage, while many elections hosted by countries with less of a global reach have less international fanfare. In Israel, their election is approaching, and with it are attempts by the allies of the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to keep him in power. One of these comes from Trump who, the Middle East Eye reports, demonstrated his willingness to support the current Israeli administration

Many in the US are aware of some of what is going on in the Philippines, with coverage from many news outlets decrying the brutal drug war going on there. But what has gotten less coverage, and something the Intercept has been trying to correct, is the surveillance program that has been assisting these murders by IBM.

The story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one that has continues to be disseminated throughout the public consciousness due in large part to those that hate everything she stands for. At Fox News, Ocasio-Cortez has become a consistent punching bag, being rolled out on an almost daily basis, and as FAIR reports, it's becoming a big way that the freshman congresswomen has been keeping in the news despite how rare newcomers get the spotlight.

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The words PAC have become to many on the left a dirty word, one thrown at your opponents to show that they don't have the support of the people behind them, and that is becoming increasingly clear for the upcoming Democratic primary. With so many of the potential candidates shunning PACs and Super PACs, as truthdigreports, it's becoming more and more difficult for PACs that do have some funding from small donations, to get their services used by Democratic politicians.
While much of what gets covered in mainstream media south of the US pertains to Venezuela, it's equally important to note what's happening in Haiti, and the upheaval that's been going on there for quite a while. As Democracy Now! reports, protests have recently rattled the country after mercenaries, claiming to be on a 'government mission' were sent back to the US without facing criminal charges.

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While Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has received plenty of free press from the right, Ilhan Omar has also gotten her own share of negative coverage, though from a more diverse political group. Many on both the right and the left have been vilifying her from making statements on Israel that have been taken as anti-Semitic by plenty, though as CounterPunch reports, a more recent reason for Omar hate is even less grounded.
Maryland Advances Bill For a $15 Minimum Wage in Six Years
The issue of a living wage is one that gets a lot of flack across the country, particularly from those on the left seeing so few examples of law makers willing to take up the fight. And even when they do, as the Real News Network reports in Maryland, it can sometimes create a scenario that doesn’t quite deliver on the living wage promise.
The concept that Russia is a global master manipulator from the US to Britain is one that never has a clear yes or no answer. While there is some evidence, that which exist isn't concrete in what it shows, and the affects of what Russia may be doing don't quite translate towards a positive result for Russia. This is the point that the National Interest is trying to show, that just because Russia has some shady dealings, doesn't make them or Putin a puppet master.

Warren Gunnels with this weeks Tweet of the Week:

The name Julian Assange is one that has produced a more sour taste in the mouths of many Americans, with many calling him a criminal or a hero. But it is help to, as the Ghion Journal attempts to illustrates, take a step back and see what Assange has done, what he has been through, and what may have caused him to push for greater transparency across the world.


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