The arguments for and against abortion are ones that tend to get lost in the weeds as far as what one side actually stands for and how willing they are to push their agenda. On the side of pro-life, the Nation describes how those that describe themselves as such, mostly Republicans, have been working for quite a while to support policies that seem to contradict the name of their movement. 

Protesters march to the Alabama Capitol
The close relationship the Trump administration has with Israel is not a well-kept secret, and continues to show signs of growth due to statements made by both Netanyahu and Trump. The former being caught up in another election following a failure by the previous one to establish a ruling party in the Israeli government. This however, as the Middle East Eye reports, has not and will not put a damper on the special relationship shared by the two countries, as Netanyahu has been quick to point out. 

The prospect of a union at a large business tends to be met with fear, followed by a concerted effort to try and stop their workers from organizing into a group capable of demanding better wages. Less often do we see the government being an integral part in the effort to squash union efforts, as was described by the Intercept, with what the governor of Tennessee was up to with a Volkswagen plant.     
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR VOLKSWAGEN - Volkswagen Assembly workers are seen inspecting vehicles at the Volkswagen Leadership Visit, on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 in Chattanooga, TN. (Joe Dodd/AP Images for Volkswagen)

The lasting effects of Trump’s trade war with China will be felt for years to come, but the immediate impact the tariff’s will have, along with how much Trump actually understands about tariff’s, still remains to be seen. In an effort to clarify some of what is going on regarding China and the US, an interview at FAIR tells some of the details on what Trump and other countries are thinking when it comes to trade wars. 

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While it’s easy to forget what issues are truly important to Americans as news surrounding Trump and everything he’s about dominates coverage, health care keeps popping up as something many Americans not only care about, but are staking their lives on being able to afford it. This is why truthdig reported on what kind of conversation should be dominating coverage of the 2020 election, and not whatever Trump thinks will help his poll numbers. 

The 2020 Election Hinges on Health Care

Not often do corporations face the judicial system in the US in any meaningful way, but recently the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has done just that, been brought to court in Oklahoma for its role in fueling the opioid crisis. As Democracy Now! reports, this landmark case could begin the process of punishing, at least to some degree, drug companies response for the rise in overdose deaths, along with the harsh words made by the lawyer arguing against Johnson & Johnson.   

There are many issues that deserve attention in the upcoming election cycle, with each of the top candidates having their share of complaints raised by the media. Something that receives somewhat less attention compared to other less pressing issues, are the stances of each candidate on war, and what the US’s stance should be going for. CounterPunch looks at Biden in particular and the lack of action he has taken to address what his position would be as president, leaving many progressives to wonder if he’ll be any different than Trump in that regard. 

Protest has, for much of American history, been somewhat of a tradition in the US, with social movements using them to try and bring about the change they want to see in the world. More recently, there have been protests surrounding the possible construction of gas pipelines across the country, and with it, as the Real News Network reports, are states moving to try and criminalize these specific forms of protest. 

Despite an inclusive conclusion surrounding Russian collusion in the 2016 election, the fervor with which the American intelligence community has gone after those from China and Russia has only increased. This heightened scrutiny given to specific foreigners is nothing new, but the countries of origin that are being target, are. As the Grayzone reports, this interest in who the US deems an enemy should be worrying to us all, but especially those that haven’t had to deal with this kind of surveillance for quite some time.  


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In recent years, but especially during the Trump administration, America has noticed a decline in the amount of power it enjoys on the world stage, with countries across the world being less intimidated by the military might the US attempts to show. Describing this decline, the Ghion Journal shows how while many still think of the US as the greatest world super power, that influence has been waning for quite some time, and recent military actions have done little to stop this. 

The Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, reacts to the results of the European Parliament elections in Southampton, Britain, on May 27, 2019.
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