The Ghion Journal

Amid the attempted prosecution of Julian Assange, the world is in a surreal moment where the truth has been turned on its head. A groupthink has emerged which collectively rejects history and facts so it can stick with the narrative that Assange deserves his persecution. As always, it’s ambiguous whether all the propagandists believe their own lies, and it doesn’t matter whether they do; they’re doing what the centers of power require of them, which is to reinforce the official story.

The same goes for regular people. When they tell us that Russia hacked the DNC and gave emails to WikiLeaks, we’re supposed to go along with this consensus within our political circles, whether or not we know this claim has long been disproven by forensic evidence. When they say Assange should be prosecuted for “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion,” we shouldn’t object, even if we remember that Obama’s DOJ found this very same charge against Assange was not a legitimate reason for prosecution.

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