The Ghion Journal

Remember when Bill Clinton ran as an outsider and vowed to restore hope? Remember when Barack Obama campaigned against the establishment and promised “hope and change”? Remember when George W. Bush professed to be a “compassionate conservative? Remember when Bernie Sanders pledged to take on the status quo and proposed to lead a political revolution? Remember when Donald Trump swore that he was going to take on the “deep state” and be an anti-globalist? In each case, the supposed change agents morphed into an establishment sock puppet quicker than Sarah Palin can say “you betcha”.

The same Bill Clinton who sold dreams to his followers sold America down the river by gutting Glass-Steagall and signing NAFTA into law. George W. Bush compassionately killed more than a million Iraqis and led thousands of American service men and women to their early graves. Barack Obama transformed from the first black president to the First Bank President as he shoveled tens of trillions of dollars to the same banking criminals who bled our economy in 2008. Then there is Bernie, the erstwhile insurgent who insisted that he was going to carry the nomination battle to the convention only to drop to his knee and kiss the ring of Dick Cheney in pantsuits aka Hillary Clinton. As for Trump, he proliferated the swamp in our nation’s capital and topped it off with his toxic sludge and his poisonous personality.

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