Trump’s announcement to cut humanitarian aid to Central America will not have much effect. It’s the military aid that reinforces brutality in Guatemala and Honduras, says Prof. Adrienne Pine

GREG WILPERT It’s The Real News Network and I’m Greg Wilpert in Baltimore. Late last month, the Trump administration decided to cut aid to humanitarian projects in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These projects were put in place in order to alleviate economic and social crises that drove people to emigrate from these countries in the hope of finding a better life to a large extent in the United States. In 2016, U.S. aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador totaled $750 million and for this year, it was programmed at $450 million. Trump argued that the aid does not do enough to stop migration and so he will cut all humanitarian assistance. Speaking to the Republican-Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, Trump explained why he cut the aid. Let’s have a listen.

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