Welfare reform is a big issue in whatever country you find yourself in, and the British Isles are no different. For the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin party, their attempts to brand themselves as against lowering benefits they voted for are what Rebel takes issue with.

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It is easy for those of us in the United States to brand people living in certain countries in the Middle East with the same broad brush. Often we don’t see the acts of protest that go on there and how often those living there are risking their lives to improve their country. In that vein, the Middle East Eye shows how the Sudanese are honoring a female activist, naming a square after her efforts to protest the country’s president.

The issue of climate change is one that is cross-generational, and affects us all equally. That is way students across the country and the world are taking today off school to try and bring attention to this pressing issue, to get the adults in the room to start acting like it. Giving a broad picture of the movement, the Intercept shows how high school students have taken action against climate change through one of the few avenues they have, protest.
The protest group Extinction Rebellion stage a protest of fake blood in front of Downing Street 10, 9th March 2019, Central London, United Kingdom. Young women and girls form the front of the march down Whitehall. Whitehall was closed for traffic while the group staged their 'Our Children's Blood' action where they poured hundreds of litres of fake blood across the road. After the blood was spilt a number of speakers, including children spoke of their fears of the future where man made climate change could have a devastating effect on the planet and human life. The group Extinction Rebellion is a movement which wants to force the Government to introduce radical climate change policies using civil disobedience and mass arrests. (photo by Kristian Buus/In Pictures via Getty Images)T

While mainstream media outlets try and describe what divides us, left vs. right, young vs. old, at FAIR, they try and center the discussion and what these issues boil down to, rich vs. poor. The mantra becomes that when you get down to it, what really matters is that the rich are trying to keep the poor from getting more money, and more mainstream outlets like the Huffington Post aren’t writing in that direction.

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Tucker Carlson is someone who is either loved or hated, depending on which side of the political aisle you ask. Which becomes more apparent after a recent revealing of recordings of Carlson surfaced showing him being racist against Iraqi’s and Muslim, hoping someone would come into office promising to kill as many as possible. This is why truthdigopines about why more isn’t being done to punish him at all for his actions or to hold him accountable in any way.

The situation in Venezuela continues to change and evolve as time passes, with a latest bout of power outages being blamed on the countries poor infrastructure. However at Democracy Now!, they take a more nuanced approach, showing how this issue may be rooted in action by the US, attacking the country with cyber warfare to try and destabilize the country even more.

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The topic of Guantanamo Bay can conjure images of detainees and torture quite readily, but less so does it tell a story of the actual people who lived and died in that prison. At Counterpunch, they try to bring some humanity to the inmates living their, describing in detail the lead up to the death of one of its prisoners, detainee number ISN 10028.
How Did the British Elites Lose Control of Brexit? - Lapavitsas and Jay
As the Brexit process in Britain continues, it is becoming increasing clear that there is not much of a plan in place for actually leaving the EU. Every plan that gets voted on is shot down, and Parliament recently voted to extend the date they would leave the EU. At the Real News Network, they discuss in detail what all of this means for the country and, more importantly, for all the people living both in Britain and the EU.

When Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2014, it triggered a global response that is still rippling today. The sanctions against Russia that followed hoped to hurt the country’s economy in retaliation for its annexation. However, according to the National Interest, those sanctions, along with Russian counter sanctions, seemed to have helped rather than hurt the Russian economy. 

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The story of black men killed by police is nothing new, nor is the lack of action against the police that perpetrate these murders. However what is of note in a recent instance of violence against black men in Sacramento, is what the Ghion Journalpoints out as the collaboration between black and white activists, the different responses they receive, and how this can be used to further the cause of black justice.

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