The Equality Act — the landmark piece of LGBTQ legislation passed for a second time by the House of Representatives this week — faces near insurmountable odds to pass and become law as currently written. Support for it in the Senate is currently nowhere near the 60-vote threshold that would be needed to pass the bill with the filibuster. And though, if passed, the Equality Act, would codify critical and comprehensive updates to our federal civil rights laws, it’s reintroduction at this time is fueling a harmful backlash against transgender people as we contend with systematic governmental assaults on trans youth in state legislatures.

It has been incredibly moving to see our representatives in Congress speak out against anti-LGBTQ discrimination and defend trans lives in the face of cruel efforts to demean and dehumanize us. The bill’s passage through the House represents a set of political conditions that were unimaginable a decade ago. But at the same time, a vote on a bill that is unlikely to become law feels more performative than materially consequential. Politicians could tweet out platitudes and well-funded organizations sent out our fundraising e-mails and press releases but we are going to need a lot more to build a movement to defend our community.

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