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ANYA PARAMPIL Your viewers won’t be shocked to hear this, Tucker, but the news media, the fake news media, are lying about the situation in Venezuela. Let me put it for you this way. Imagine if Hillary Clinton had refused to admit defeat after losing to President Trump in 2016, and banded together a group of twenty-four US soldiers, and attempted to take the White House by force. I don’t think she’d be walking freely on the streets the way Juan Guaido is walking right now in Caracas and I certainly think the news media would be calling it, rightfully, a coup.

SHARMINI PERIES And that was Grayzone’s journalist Anya Parampil on Fox News with Tucker Carlson. Anya Parampil, along with several others of the Embassy Protection Collective, are inside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC since April 10th to protect the embassy from being taken over by the Venezuelan opposition. That is, Juan Guaido and group. Now, the Venezuelan opposition, along with the United States, are trying to install the Juan Guaido representatives at the embassy, but Anya and the collective are trying to prevent them from doing so. The collective includes Code Pink, Popular Resistance, and Answer Coalition, I believe, and there may be others, but Anya will tell us more about that. Good to have you, Anya.

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